Gimpy Brady Caught Going Back To Gisele’s Place

Since being sidelined for the season, many fans want to know how well Tom Brady is recuperating - and more importantly, how Gisele Bundchen feels about her beau’s bum knee.

Tom Brady TMZ

Lucky for us, the ever-vigilant vultures employees of TMZ are there. A courageous cameraman recently caught Tom & Gisele returning to the model’s New York City abode, and tried to get a status update straight from the QB’s mouth.

Of course, neither Brady nor Bundchen blabbed about anything. As the cameraman tossed out questions, Gisele silently walked across the street & up the steps, keeping her dog under her arm & her hand in front of her face. Tom soon hobbled by, and was just as chatty - but he did leave his handsome face uncovered.

Still, good looks won’t distract from the fact that Tommy was rude enough not to answer these probing personal questions pressed forth by TMZ’s finest:

“How ya doin’ Tom? Gonna get surgery in Europe? How do ya think Matt Cassel is doing, buddy? … Tom, are you gonna take some of this time off to spend it with your son?”

The nerve of some people!  A simple yes or no or a nod would suffice. Or a punch to the lens.

Say, haven’t we seen a similar scene before? It’s sad that TMZ has been reduced to showing repeats.

Video of this latest Brady walk-n-non-talk can be seen here.

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