Brad Wheelus on CBS Radio News after the Hurr…

Brad Wheelus on CBS Radio News after the Hurricanes cleaned up the Oil in the Stanley Cup Finals last night: "North Carolina defeated Edmonton for its first-ever Stanley Cup championship."

I’ve lived in both North and South Carolina and people from each place refer to their state as "Carolina". That said, the folks in South Carolina would have had to have known about the win to get offended, so all is well in the Palmetto State today.


ZEN MASTER’S FINAL FORECAST: Phil Jackson said last year (6/2/03) on his national SPORTING NEWS Radio show that Larry Brown should not have joined the Pistons - because they weren’t a good enough team.

The DETROIT NEWS transcribed his comments at the time: "I don’t know how far forward Detroit can get. … This is a team that has overachieved, it’s not a team that you would say is on the threshold of being a great team. It’s a team that really had to push itself right to its limits to achieve what it has done."

"I was surprised he took it as quickly as he did and made that decision in Detroit’s favor."