Brad Penny Takes a Punch At H’Wood Clubgoer

TMZ has video of Brad Penny at the Key Club in West Hollywood, taking a swing on the sidewalk at some well-heeled clubgoer:

Brad Penny punches clubgoer in Hollywood

My first question is, why was Penny in Los Angeles? The worthless injured pitcher was reportedly in Vegas while his Dodger teammates lost to the Phillies in the playoffs. So why is he now gracing us with his presence? (Video link after the jump.)

TMZ doesn’t allow video embedding, so here’s the link to the vid.

The gossip site has no real details about the incident, only reporting “it started over a girl.”

I’ve got to give Penny credit though on this one. Anyone who can find a club (with windows) on Sunset Blvd. with more than five non-employees in it on a Tuesday night in West Hollywood has my eternal admiration.

Unfortunately for the Dodgers, Penny threw the punch left-handed, so the National League will once again soon be enjoying the comfort that is his arrow-straight 88-mph BP fastball.

That is though only if he re-signs with the team. But if it’s up to GM Ned Colletti, he’ll no doubt receive an enormous raise. (Jason Schmidt money?)

Don’t know if Ned’ll have time though, he’s too busy managing Frank McCourt’s stock portfolio.