Brad Miller Toked a Bad Bad Thing (Three Times)

Sacramento Kings center Brad Miller will spend the first five games of the 2008-2009 season in his room thinking about what he’s done after his third offense for (likely) marijuana use and/or flaunting the rules of the program. (If you don’t pee into the cup correctly, you get the same Stern measures as lighting up.)

Brad Miller is happy

Miller immediately apologized profusely, including the following: “I made a mistake. It was an error in judgment and I’m very sorry.” Brad, honey? You made three mistakes, minimum. We appreciate your forthrightness, but candor would also help. That right there? That’s a pattern.

Of course, the league doesn’t tell anyone officially that Miller tasted herb thrice, but the NBA shrewdly arranged the punishments for each offense under the Anti-Drug Program to make it bloody obvious what he did. NBPA, might you consider encouraging a bit of privacy in the next CBA by getting at least some of these punishments to sync up?