Mt. St. Mary’s Moans About Placement In Play-In

Now that Selection Sunday has come and gone, office poolers and online registers are filling out their brackets and turning in their fees in the hopes of making it big with March Madness. Everyone’s looking forward to Thursday, when it all begins.

Mount St Marys Mountaineers

(The Mount St. Mary’s squad looks thrilled to be heading to Dayton)

But the NCAA Tournament won’t begin on Thursday’s for Mount St. Mary’s. Instead, the Maryland school’s road to the Final Four starts on Tuesday, as they travel to travel to beautiful Dayton, Ohio, to face Coppin State in the Play-In game. And they’re not in a playful mood about it.

The BALTIMORE SUN reports on the disappointment of not only having to play an extra game, but being told about it even before the official Field of 65 announcement.

Instead of learning their fate after all the Sunday conference championships were completed, the Mountaineers heard the announcement during halftime of the Big Ten title game.

I liked knowing (early) from a coaching standpoint,” Mount St. Mary’s coach Milan Brown said. “But as a fan, I didn’t like it because we already knew when we walked in here who we were playing and where we were going. This part of March, just figuring out where you’re going, that’s so exciting for the kids and to have that taken away from them is a little bit of a downer.”

And point guard Jeremy Goode wasn’t so thrilled about having to play one more game than 63 other squads:

I mean, we won our conference. I don’t expect to have to win a game to get to a tournament that I feel we worked hard enough to get to.”

If your going to bellyache about the extra work, don’t moan to Georgia about it. While the Mount may be moping about driving to Dayton, Coppin State is just happy to be in the postseason at all, becoming the first-ever 20-loss team to make it in.