Bozeman Has Court Date for Tirade Over Ham Sandwich

THE OTHER WHITE MEAT HAUNTS BOZEMAN: Morgan State basketball coach Todd Bozeman has an April court date following what police called a curse-filled tirade with a restaurant employee over a botched sandwich order.

Bozeman, who was charged with misdemeanor assault along with curse and abuse, appeared before a magistrate and was released on a $1,000 unsecured bond..

Bozeman grabbed the restaurant worker by the shoulders and shook her, according to her boss. Police said Bozeman was belligerent and “screaming that he didn’t want ham sandwiches” after his order was served at a sports bar.

An assistant coach had ordered 52 steak and chicken sandwiches for the bus trip back to Baltimore, Md., the restaurant manager said.

Officials at the Baltimore university had said they were looking into the matter.

For those who forget, this is the same Todd Bozeman who once, as the coach at Cal, recruited Jason Kidd and took the Bears to the 1993 NCAA Tournament and an upset Duke in the second round.

Three years later, he then he admitted to paying the family of recruit Jelani Gardner $30,000, and the NCAA gave him an unprecedented eight-year “show-cause” ban, meaning any school interested in hiring Bozeman during the ban needed to present its reasons — or show cause for the hire — before an NCAA infractions committee.

Last April, Morgan State took a chance and hired him. Maybe Jared from Subway would have been a safer choice.