Boyfriend of Serena Williams Says Hes The One In Charge

SERENA’S BEAU SERVES UP NOTICE THAT HE’S IN CHARGE: Serena Williams may be queen of the court, but the tennis star’s boyfriend says he’s king of their castle:

Serena Williams Jackie Long

FAB TALK finds actor Jackie Long gabbing away to KING magazine about his relationship with the slamstress.

When asked who wears the pants in their pairing, Long lengthily replies, “C’mon, I’ve got three legs, man. Who you think? Three legs, man. That’s Big Daddy, me.

I’m in charge. The only person that’s in charge of me, maybe, is my Mom. That’s the only person that’s in charge of me, sometime.”

Sure, Jackie has the bravado to say these things - when his significant other is thousands of miles away in Switzerland.

Serena Williams Jackie Long

Those three legs better help Jackie get a head start when Serena comes running after him.

On a side note, Long discusses his growing film career - growin’ like his third leg, man! - and invites the public to check him out in “The Comebacks”, implying “There’s no reason for you not to see this movie.”

As for future roles, Long said he would love to play Jackie Robinson in a biopic. He says it was “amazing” what the baseball color-barrier breaker had to go though, adding he has a lot of respect for Robinson.

Not just because his name was Jackie, like mine.”