Bosworth gives CPR to Fallen Man after HS Speech

Last time we checked on Brian Bosworth, the former Sooners & Seahawks LB was caught driving drunk on his Harley in the heart of Hollywood. Although he managed to avoid any jail time, it was just another black eye for the Boz’s reputation, an embarrassment he hadn’t felt since starring in “Stone Cold“.

Brian Bosworth DUI arrest photos

But every cloud has a silver lining, and the administrators at Putnam City West High School in Oklahoma saw Boz’s lousy night in L.A. as a chance to educate their own students about the dangers of drunk driving. (And Brian had some community service time to work off.) So last Friday, Bosworth came to town and talked to the teens about the terrors of driving drunk - and hopefully save a few lives.

It turns out the Boz did save a life, after all - by giving someone CPR.

The OKLAHOMAN reports that after his high school speech, Bosworth was spotted administering CPR to a fallen man in a nearby parking lot. Nancy Kuntz, the assistant athletic director at Putnam City West, says she was driving away from the school when she saw Boz on his motorcycle speeding ahead past other cars:

“Then I drove ahead, and I just happened to look over, and in the parking lot, there was a pick-up, two men standing there and a man laid out on the ground. I did a U-turn, and when I drove back, Bosworth was giving CPR to the man.”

Kuntz added that she saw an ambulance soon arrive on the scene, and Bosworth continued to assist. Neither the man’s identity nor the cause of his distress has been released. But we can assume everything worked out for the best, since there hasn’t been any reported heart attack-related deaths in the Putnam City area this weekend.

And there’s no need to thank Brian. It’s all in a day’s work for… THE BOZ!