Boston Sportscaster Allegedly Beaten by Boyfriend

There’s more news today on the disturbing allegations coming from Boston by Julie Donaldson, WHDH-TV sportscaster, about her boyfriend, Ivan Lattimore. (Lattimore is a professional slamball player.) The BOSTON HERALD points out the possible effects of the escalating number and nature of the new revelations.

Julie Donaldson

With new facts about Donaldson’s heavy drinking during the day and evening in question, inviting multiple women back to her apartment to keep partying, and the fact that she’s still technically married (though the paperwork is nearly complete, according to Donaldson), questions about her ability to continue as a high-profile sportscaster are raised by the HERALD.

We don’t know about all that; we don’t know that the HERALD’s gossipers do, either. We know it’s been an effective legal strategy for a very long time to convince juries and judges that the woman was not borne of pure-driven snow and therefore must have some culpability in the matter. We also suspect the HERALD’s concerns are not Donaldson’s main concern at this time.