Boston Fans Blow Off The Return of Red Sox

Last week the BOSTON GLOBE reported that there were empty seats for some of the ALCS games at Fenway Park between the Rays and the Red Sox. Apparently people weren’t buying seats even at under-face-value prices.

Boston blows off Red Sox upon club's return

Well, at the time, I found it pretty hard to believe that the honorable members of Red Sox Nation would abandon and embarrass their team in that fashion. It couldn’t be true!

Then I saw an ASSOCIATED PRESS report about the club’s return home to Boston this morning. AP:

In contrast to the raucous celebrations that followed victorious postseasons in 2004 and 2007, it was a quiet homecoming for the Red Sox after their 3-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 7 of the AL Championship Series.

There were TV crews but no fans on hand when buses carrying the team arrived in the early-morning chill outside Fenway Park on Monday. The team flew home from Florida immediately after the game.

Most players quickly climbed into cars and drove away, preferring not to reflect any further on the disappointing finish.

One year removed from a World Series title. Coming off one of the most thrilling playoff comebacks in history, despite a team riddled with injuries, and NO ONE is there to greet them back in Boston?

That was fast.

I really, really wanted to believe* that Red Sox fans were indeed as special as they said they were. That they truly were diehards. That all those seasons of god-awful attendance numbers before the Red Sox went on their World Series rampage wasn’t a reflection of what Bosox locals were truly made of.

Well, turns out the Sox fans are no different than fans of any other city. They show up when the team wins. And they abandon the club when they close.

Welcome to the party kids! See you opening night for the Celts’ banner-raising!

* Ok, maybe I didn’t.