Boston College Coach Tom Mutch Resigns For Sexy Messages With Female Hockey Player

BC COVERS COACH’S LEWD CONDUCT WITH 19 YO PLAYER: This time yesterday, posted a press release from Boston College that said that the school’s women’s hockey coach, Tom Mutch, had resigned. It was strange news considering Mutch recently took the team to the Frozen Four - and the release offered no clues as to why he quit.

Tom Mutch Kelli Stack

As part of the BC press release, AD Gene DeFilippo said “Tom Mutch brought our women’s ice hockey program to a new level and built a strong foundation for the future. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.“Really Gene? Do you still “wish him the best” now that the whole world is now reporting the truth (which you tried to cover up) about why Mutch is resigning?

Tom Mutch Resigns Sex Messages With Player

Turns out that Mutch, 39, was caught receiving “sexually graphic” text messages from his 19-year-old freshman player (and leading scorer!) Kelli Stack (and I’m sure that’s all there was between the two).