Boston At The Center Of The Sports World

BOSTON TEAMS WICKED HOT IN RULING THE SPORTS ROOST: There must be something in the chowder.

Clam Chowder Red Sox

Many fans have the whites of their eyes set on Beacon Hill, as the Boston area currently rules the sports roost.First, you have Tom Brady seducing supermodels while leading the New England Patriots to a perfect NFL record. And the Red Sox are looking like a lock to clinch their 2nd World Series in four years.

Matt Ryan Boston College

Now the boys from Chestnut Hill are serving their notice in college football. Boston College remained undefeated with a Thursday night shocker over Virginia Tech, thanks to another #12 at QB.And if Ohio State slips up in Happy Valley on Saturday, the Eagles could see themselves at #1 come Monday.

Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox mic karaoke

PART MULE recently kicked out these photos of the Sawx rockin’ out after winning the ALCS. In a few more days, they could have the drinks flowing again. And don’t forget to give a toast to Randy Moss and Matt Ryan (unless he’s underage).