Bo’s NBA-Could’ve Been: ‘I Would’ve Averaged 45′

Jerry Crowe of the L.A. TIMES has an epic profile today on former Loyola Marymount star and NBA flameout Bo Kimble.

Bo Kimble Loyola Marymount Free Throw

Kimble you remember was an integral part of the LMU squad that lit the NCAAs on fire in the early ’90s. Now he wants to coach the basketball Lions, but is getting pushback from the school’s administration.

Kimble, who has no coaching experience at any level, goes public to Crowe about his disdain for those at LMU who won’t give him an opportunity, which of course will no doubt ensure him a future opportunity at the school.

OK, maybe not.

Kimble on LMU stonewalling him: “I’m so upset about this that I can’t even begin to tell you. At least twice I’ve mentioned to the powers that be that I would love the opportunity to get our program back on track. It’s just a disgrace that they wouldn’t even consider one of their most notable [graduates] at a time when they haven’t had one season over .500 in 18 years.

Great stuff. Almost as good as what the former L.A. Clipper and New York Knick said about his NBA career, which cratered after three unproductive seasons: “Unfortunately, they didn’t want me to do all the shootings and scoring that I did at Loyola Marymount. … I would have averaged about 45, probably, or at least 40. Without being arrogant or boastful, I know I probably would have led the NBA in scoring for five or six years.”

In all seriousness, why wouldn’t LMU give Kimble a shot? What does the school have to lose? At the very least you would think Kimble could recruit, and his coaching can’t be any worse than most of what we see in the WCC on a yearly basis.

Plus, Kimble could round up a raft of season ticket holders with periodic appearances at the Laugh Factory.

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