Ankiel Compared To “Babe Ruth” In Salary Dispute

Scott Boras, apparently with some time off after not having to sweat ARod’s negotiations with the Yankees, is now loading up for salary arbitration cases. One of his clients is Rick Ankiel, who finished last season with an astonishing flourish but has since been tainted by his admission of taking HGH and being named in the Mitchell Report.

Rick Ankiel

Nevertheless, the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH reports that Boras, who “has a bunker of computers loaded with nearly 130 years of statistical history and 35 staffers dedicated to prepping arbitration cases,” is ready to haul out the hyperbole for the real-life Roy Hobbs.

Boras gives the P-D a taste of his dress rehearsal, if Ankiel does indeed go to arbitration: “You have a player whose contributions came first as a pitcher, then as a position player. The last player you’re really talking about is Babe Ruth.

Ridiculous. Everyone knows Ruth spent a lot more time at the plate than Ankiel has (we know, lame).