Boozy Billy Clyde’s Now Only Drankin’ ‘A Little’

Seeing as he’s my favorite hoops coach who suffers from a now-milder case of jaundice, I’m doing my best to keep the flame alive for Billy Clyde Gillispie.

Billy Gillispie Defensive Driving Course in Plano Texas

(Cant I get a side of ashtray for the ashes on my Angel Hair?)

Recently I invited you to attend his weekly DUI classes in Dallas at Spaghetti Factory and now I have another update on what BCG is getting hisself into.

Billy Gillispie

(BCG: What happened in Lex Vegas didn’t stay in Lex Vegas)

BCG lives in Plano, a nice suburb in Dallas, and I’ve heard that though booze clearly is the primary reason for his career derailment, he hasn’t stopped drankin’. A source apprised me recently that BCG is only hitting the sauce, “a little,” and that he’s been unseen on the party scene for some time.

As he continues his due DUI diligence, Billy Clyde is zeroing in on a few jobs that may come open as soon as the season is out.

I’ve heard that Gillispie’s most likely landing spots are: Houston, UNCW, UTEP or Texas Tech.

On Houston, the good news is that current Cougars AD Mack Rhoades hired Gillispie as head coach at UTEP.

And on Houston, the bad news is that current Cougars AD Mack Rhoades hired Gillispie as head coach at UTEP.

BCG did have success at UTEP, but his drankin’ was an issue and Rhoades, according to one source, isn’t enamored with Gillispie’s style of coaching.

Another interesting spot for Billy Clyde would be Texas Tech. I’ve been told that Pat Knight will be gone unless he makes a major run to end the season. Knight is a Gerald Myers joint, and Myers is the face of Mike Leach’s firing, which doesn’t exactly bode well for anyone associated with the TT AD these days.

So why BCG at Tech? I’ve been told he’s very close to a very influential member of the TT Board of Regents, who could push for his hire if Knight is gone. Though I was told Knight’s fate is not tied to the prospect of Gillispie coming on board. BCG will be a tough sell wherever he tries to go because of his notorious off-court issues.

Lubbock though would be a good place for Gillispie to operate as the pressure on him would be minimal. Not to mention the advantages of a small town police department.

Gillispie is also already eyeing players to bring to whatever program he takes over, so unless he goes Leyritz on us in the next three months, expect BCG to be scouting out Spaghetti Warehouses in a town near you.