Boomer Esiason To Try Out For Imus Radio Spot Next Week

ESIASON WILL VIE FOR DON IMUS RADIO SPOT NEXT WEEK: The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports today that next week Boomer Esiason will host the former morning radio time slot on WFAN-AM held by Don Imus - in what sounds like a five-day tryout.

Boomer Esiason

WFAN Operations Director Mark Chernoff said Chris Russo will likely join Esiason on Monday and that he is “not looking beyond next week as he evaluates how Esiason performs.

Boomer Esiason

Esiason currently is the color analyst on the radio broadcasts of Monday Night Football while also serving as a studio analyst for The NFL Today on the CBS.

The move might not make sense to some, but Esiason lives in NYC (he grew up on Long Island) and works extensively with CBS (which owns WFAN). And I’m guessing his agent pushed for a high-profile tryout for his client.