Boom Goes The Dynamite: The Tiger Fart Coverup

It was The Fart Heard ‘Round The World — for a few minutes, at least — delighting children and adults alike and reminding all of us that even Tiger Woods is human. But video footage of Woods letting one rip at the Buick Open on Sunday lasted on the Internets about as long as the flatulence itself, as nervous PGA officials immediately yanked it off of YouTube.

Tiger Woods and caddy

(Dangerous carbon emissions from Buick)

If you were one of the lucky ones who saw the video before the PGA tossed its big, wet blanket, you heard Woods blast one on the final hole (so to speak), as he won the tournament by three strokes. Woods and caddy Steve Williams can immediately be seen laughing (photo above), and in my opinion Woods should have been penalized a stroke for failing to provide a courtesy cough. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that it’s never the fart itself that causes the problem. It’s the ensuing coverup.

Like the LeBron James dunk video before it, the lost video of Tiger Woods farting will grow to mythic proportions by virtue of it being withheld from the public. The YouTube video is seemingly everywhere, but every time you click on it you get the stern announcement:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by PGA TOUR.

But it has spawned many hilarious headlines, including this one from FOX:

Tiger Woods farts, wins Buick Open

Just as in the LeBron video-confiscating incident, it’s up to us to get this Tiger video released. It’s your move, Photoshop enthusiasts. I’m sure that you can do better than my crude efforts below.

Tiger Woods fart t-shirt