Book: Steinbrenner Funded Tonya Harding’s Hit?

We all know the story of Tonya Harding and how hubby Jeff Gilooly hired a goon to go after figure skating foe Nancy Kerrigan with a nasty knock on her knee. However, hired goons & whacking clubs don’t come for free - such items need to be paid for somehow. So how were Harding & Gilooly able to finance such a fiendish plan?

George Steinbrenner Tonya Harding

Would you believe it was all thanks to a grant from George Steinbrenner?

If you’re Peter Golenbock, you do. As the NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX informs us, ol’ Pete has a book coming out in May about the long-time Yankees owner, simply entitled “George”. In the soon-to-be released literary work, Golenbock writes how the Boss used to be a benefactor for numerous U.S. Olympic athletes - including Ms. Tonya.

And Pete proposes that some of those funds funneled to Harding were used in the attempt to cripple Kerrigan:

“After he gave money to Harding, it turned out that some of the money was used for the ‘hit,’ ” Golenbock writes. “When George heard that, he wanted to hunt down Harding and get his money back.”

OK, we can believe Steinbrenner wanting a refund. However, was there any financial transactions with Tonya in the first place?

But Steinbrenner’s rep told us: “George’s people have no recollection of giving money to her and have found no records.”

Of course, those records may have been misplaced during the Yanks’ big move across the street to a new publicly-funded stadium. And as taxpayers learn more and more about where their hard-earned money is going to, they may be tempted to take a few swings at George’s gimpy knee themselves.