Book Has Callahan Calling Tom Osborne A Crusty Old Fu**

BOOK: CALLAHAN CALLED OSBORNE A “CRUSTY, OLD F***” College football outpost THE WIZARD OF ODDS has a wonderful report this morning on a book due out next month that apparently has Bill Callahan calling Tom Osborne a “crusty old f*** and that the former Congressman was “trying to run things from Washington.

Tom Osborne

The book was written by current Nebraska student Jonathan Crowl but is really a hit piece/tell-all from former NU head football trainer Doak Ostergard. Ostergard, who provides all of the inside info about the program in the book, worked with the program since 1984 but was fired by Callahan earlier this year.

Both Callahan and Osborne have since issued worthless statements that do nothing to defend against the alleged comments by the coach (sounds like Callahan’s current defense).