Boobies On New NBA Shirt

HEY NBA FANS, CHECK OUT THE BOOBIES ON THAT CHEST: If there’s anything to remember about the 2007 NBA Playoffs, it’s been the plethora of in-the-moment t-shirts.

Steve Nash Jessica Alba shirts

We had Steve Nash and his broken nose. We were True Blue with the Jazz. And We Believed.Now fresh off the rack is this item of clothing immortalizing the Cavs’ Daniel Gibson:

Boobie Shoot T-Shirt

“Boobie” has been Gibson’s nickname since he was a baby, and fans of all ages love chanting his name.Now you, too, can have a Boobie on your chest for only $19.99! (plus tax & shipping) - Or you can wait a week, when they end up in the $4.99 clearance section after the Spurs sweep.