Bonnie Bernstein guested on Howard Stern Thur…

Bonnie Bernstein guested on Howard Stern Thursday.

Highlights, courtesy Stern fan site

"Howard asked her why she doesn’t have a guy. She said she broke up with a guy a few months ago. She said they dated on and off for a year or so. Artie (Stern sidekick Lange) said he’d love to date a chick like her. He said he’d have her give him stats while they’re having sex.

"She told Howard how she went to a strip club one time but didn’t actually get a lap dance. She said everyone around her got one so it was as close as she’d come to getting one.

"Howard asked Bonnie about her chest size. She said she’s only got a B-cup but Howard guessed that she was wearing a push up bra or something. She said she wears a Wonder Bra to make them appear bigger."

*Fascinating* stuff - as only Howard and Artie can provide. My only complaint was Howard didn’t ask "Double-B" about the overly obsessive website that features thousands of random, repetitive screenshots of her sideline reporting during NFL games and other assignments.