Bonds’ Lawyers Say Typos Could Turn Legal Tide

Lawyers for Barry Bonds are hoping a small typo could make a big enough loophole for the slugger to jump through.

Barry Bond Barroid sign

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports Bonds’ legal team filed a complaint Thursday saying that the screw-up from Federal prosecutors could hurt Bonds’ chances to get a fair trial.

The mistake came when the Feds filed their own paperwork last Thursday saying Bonds failed a steroids test in November 2001 - one month after he set a new single-season home run record. However, it was later revealed that prosecutors meant November 2000, a drug test that was already mentioned in the original report for Bonds’ perjury case.

But the admission of error didn’t come until many media outlets already reported on the supposedly new allegations. And Bonds’ sextet attorney - yes, there’s six of them - claim that this could cause problems:

As is always the case, many more prospective jurors will have read the original story than the retraction.”

Barry Bonds signs

So, Barry’s flock of legal eagles are afraid that folks might think less of their lying, stuck-up, moody, self-centered a-hole client than they already do?