Bonds’ Baby Bat Boy Bummed By Bad Break

BONDS’ BOUNCING BABY BAT BOY BUMMED BY BAD BREAK: Barry Bonds’ son, who happens to be the Giants’ bat boy, might not be in the dugout when daddy makes history:

Barry Bonds Son Ankle

Nikolai Bonds tore two ankle ligaments trying to emulate LeBron James during a pickup basketball game. It might take up to two months to recover, so Nicky will probably be in the stands with the rest of the family when 756(*) sails out of the park.

leg cast McCovey Cove

Being a San Fran bat boy sure is quite an occupational hazard. If you’re not breaking bones, you’re getting bowled over at home plate, as Dusty Baker’s son almost did during the 2002 World Series:

Dusty Baker Son

That’s what the Giants get for hiring relatives.