Bond: Turning His Rogers Phone Call Over To FBI

Last week former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond released a statement in which he alleged he’d been contacted in 2009 by a former teammate at MSU who claimed he represented the interests of Cam Newton.

John Bond former Mississippi State QB turned in Cam Newton to ESPN

(John Bond: Phone records show Rogers repeatedly lied)

That former teammate, Bond said in the statement, was seeking money in order for Newton to sign with Mississippi State. While Bond didn’t initially identify Rogers in his statement, ESPN did report that Rogers was the former MSU player Bond was referring to. (Bond later confirmed on WCNN-AM in Atlanta that Rogers was indeed the person who contacted him while claiming to represent Cam Newton.)

Last Friday though, Rogers vehemently denied having spoken to Bond for the past “20 years or more” during an interview with Ian Fitzsimmons on KESN-FM in Dallas:

I have not talked to John (Bond) or seen John in over probably 20 years or more. Probably 20 years or more I have not talked to John or seen John.

Today, Rogers was back on KESN-FM in Dallas with Fitzsimmons, once again denying he’d spoken to Bond in the past two decades:

“Last Thursday, my name came out as being the person that talked to John Bond. And then Friday came, and John’s attorney wouldn’t even go back and tell them it wasn’t me.”

During his second denial of a phone conversation with Bond today, Rogers cited the alleged misinformation about that exchange as what primarily motivated him to go back on KESN-FM in Dallas today:

“So I just said, you know what, let me call Doug (Rogers attorney) and I’m going to get this off my chest. So that’s when I called you (Fitzsimmons).”

So Rogers is claiming the entire premise for going on the radio today to claim that Cecil Newton told him it would take $180,000 to sign son Cam to a letter of intent - perhaps ending Cam’s collegiate career - was an earlier, alleged inaccurate claim that he had called Bond.

That’s a great story so long as Bond doesn’t have phone records of the conversation … that he’s about to turn over to the FBI.

After Rogers made his second denial today about talking to Bond, the former MSU quarterback Bond said the following to ESPN:

“I absolutely talked with Kenny Rogers, and there are phone records that will show that.”

Bond also added that, “he’s scheduled to meet with the FBI on Tuesday and plans to turn over his phone records and anything else they ask for at that point.

So do you believe Rogers, who lied last week about being involved in a play-for-pay scheme with Cecil Newton, or a man who said on the record to ESPN that he’s going to provide the FBI hard proof that a phone call took place between the two?

Now for the real reason Rogers appeared on Dallas radio today …

Rogers went on KESN in an attempt to dissuade the FBI - and others - that he was in a position to benefit financially from his relationship with Cecil Newton. In other words, getting a cut of whatever Cecil scored from a school for Cam signing a letter of intent there.

Considering that Rogers also revealed during today’s interview that he personally sought out a wealthy MSU booster - via a third party - in an attempt to facilitate Cecil Newton getting paid, and that we now know Rogers likely lied repeatedly about phone contact with Bond, believing anything that comes out of Rogers’ mouth that doesn’t confirm ESPN’s initial report about him is done so at one’s own peril.