Bon Jovi To Hold Free Concert If Soul Wins Title?

Michael Klein of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER remembers a little wager made by Jon Bon Jovi a few months ago - if his Philadelphia Soul wins the Arena Football League championship, he’ll put on a free concert.

Jon Bon Jovi Arena Football League

Well, the Soul are one victory away from living up to their end of the bargain. All they need to do is defeat the defending-champ San Jose Sabercats down in New Orleans on July 27.

So, if the Soul wins ArenaBowl XXII, will Philly fans see a free show?

His rep, Ken Sunshine, said yesterday that he couldn’t reach the rocker - he’s in Greece on holiday - “but you know how passionate he is about the Soul.”

Should we take that as a “no”? Well, Jon appears to be more proud of his Arena League team than we thought:

Bon Jovi brought the Soul on stage at the band’s show Tuesday at Madison Square Garden and displayed the National Conference trophy.

Not bad for a so-called niche sport. And we’re sure Bon Jovi’s little stunt angered all the New York Dragons fans in the audience.

A free Philly concert by Bon Jovi doesn’t sound so far-fetched. Heck, he just did one last weekend in Central Park. But whatever venue decides to host the show better have some extra sod handy.