Fueling The Next Bit For Foxworthy Comedy Album

I suppose if the International Olympic Committee can look past some of the inhumane practices sanctioned (and food service techniques) by the government of Beijing, then the city of Birmingham has as good a shot to host future Games as any town.

Olympic Torch Birmingham Alabama

The city, led by mayor Larry Langford, has started preparing a potential bid for the 2020 Games. I’m guessing Forrest Gump wouldn’t be on hand to light the Torch (Jeff Foxworthy?).


“Why not Birmingham? — that’s my question,” Langford said Friday. “You don’t know what you can do till you try it. We’ve got everything it takes to make it work.” Langford said the committee will evaluate all available athletic facilities in Birmingham and neighboring cities in making the application.

By 2020, as the mayor sees it, all the city projects currently envisioned, including an indoor track and Olympic-sized swimming facilities at Fair Park and a domed stadium would be completed.

“That’s the beauty of a 12-year planning period,” Langford said.

Finally we’ve found something the citizens of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles can agree upon: “For the love of god, please Birmingham, take them away from us.