Hugs Better Have a Good Handle On His Heineken

Bob Huggins needs to be careful with his Cutty Sark consumption, keep his Michelob to a minimum, maintain his Lowenbrau at low levels - basically, he better watch what he drinks.

Bob Huggins

The AP serves up some sobering details on the new contract the West Virginia basketball coach signed last Friday. The new deal will keep Huggins in Morgantown for at least the next 10 years - provided he doesn’t hit the hooch or heroin too hard:

West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins’ new contract stipulates he can be fired for substance abuse or habitual intoxication affecting his job performance.

This little episode wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would it?

But Huggy’s new deal isn’t all alcohol restrictions. WVNS-TV has details of the financial windfalls the WVU coach can expect:

Huggins will earn at least 20 million dollars (guaranteed) over the next 10 years in his lifetime contract. The West Virginia graduate will earn around 1.5 million dollars this year. He will have a bump in his salary each season, a minimum of $100,000 each season.

His contract is laced with incentives. For instance, Huggins will receive $50,000 if the Mountaineers make it to the NCAA National Title Game. A Big East Tournament title is worth $20,000.An appearance in the NCAA Tournament will give him $10,000.

Not bad. But there is one more money matter to keep an eye on. The contract has a $4 million buyout, similar to what a former Mountaineers football coach has been fighting since leaving for a certain university in Ann Arbor.

However, school officials are hopeful they won’t have to harass Huggins about any buyouts for at least the next decade. So it sounds like Bob will be rollin’ in the dough soon enough.

Bob Huggins Gold Suit

Maybe he can use some of that moolah to purchase a better wardrobe.