Bodybuilder Bags Bandanna Bank Robber

BODYBUILDER BREAKS AND BAGS BANDANNA BANK BANDIT: A bank robber picked the wrong branch, as an aspiring bodybuilder broke his limbs, making him leave his criminal profession:

Arnold Banner Bank balloon

The SEATTLE TIMES reports that Todd Jewell was with his wife at Banner Bank in suburban Lynnwood, when a man in a baseball cap & sunglasses put on a bandanna and demanded money from the tellers.

The 6-foot, 280-pound Jewell decided he could take on the 100-pound lighter assailant and jumped him from behind.

I realized I should have no problem throwing him around a little bit,” Jewell explained. “I was basically trying to hurt him enough to get him to stop, to get him to the ground and to quit fighting.”

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Jewell was successful, so much so that he ended up breaking the robber’s ribs. Turns out the guy Jewell subdued was Chadwick Asheim, better known as the “Old School Bandit”, who’s been suspected in nine Seattle-area bank robberies within the past 2 months.

Jewell, who recently quit his job to focus on a bodybuilding career, was pleased to find out the FBI may give him a $5,000 reward for capturing Asheim.

Being my size, I have to eat a lot, and this [money] will go towards paying the grocery bill.”