Ehlo: Cuban Could Pursue Knight For Mavs’ Job

After jettisoning Avery Johnson, Mark Cuban now needs a new coach for his NBA club. As the maverick Mavericks owner leafs through resumes & audition reels, could he be aiming his sights at Bob Knight?

Mark Cuban Bob Knight

LARRY BROWN SPORTS hears such a scenario suggested by Craig Ehlo. The former Cavs star was on Sporting News Radio on Wednesday, when he mentioned that the ex-Indiana & Texas Tech could land in the American Airlines Center:

“I think Mark Cuban will actually go after Bobby Knight. You know he just lives in Lubbock, Texas only 375 miles west of there. Cuban is an Indiana grad and I wouldn’t put it past him to offer something to Bobby Knight if Bobby Knight would be willing.”

Sure, Mark can offer Bobby the job. And he’ll have the same chance of success as trying to clinch ownership of the Cubs.

No way Knight’s personality could exist on any NBA sideline. But it’s still fun to think about - especially how he would have reacted to Josh Howard’s little party during playoff time.

You think Avery was livid? Bobby would have committed Maverick murder.

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