Cox Ejection #142: Arguing w/Umps About Lights

It truly is a remarkable feat by Bobby Cox to be the all-time record holder for most ejections in a major league baseball career. But now it seems that the Atlanta Braves skipper is just trying to pad his statistics.

Bobby Cox umpire

(“Pull my fingers!”)

Cox was canned for the 142nd time today. So what was the blow up about this time? Well, Bobby was booted for complaining to the umps about the lights. During a day game. At his own home ballpark.

Mark Bowman of tries to explain:

Cox’s all-time record 142nd ejection occurred just after Braves reliever Vladmir Nunez had completed his warm-up pitches before the start of the fifth inning in the first game of a doubleheader against the Cubs.

After the Braves recorded consecutive doubles off Jason Marquis in the bottom of the fourth inning, West ruled that the stadium’s lights should be turned off. The Cubs hadn’t had the benefit of the lights while batting in the overcast conditions during the top half of the inning.

It’s believed Cox began yelling at West because he didn’t allow (Vladmir) Nunez to deliver his first pitch until the lights were fully illuminated before the start of the fifth inning.

Even better, Bobby didn’t even have to leave the dugout before getting the hook. At least it made for a much shorter trip to the showers.

We wonder what Cox might have up his sleeve for future ejections. Maybe complaining to the umps that the peanut vendors working the front rows are a danger to his players suffering from nut-related allergies.

Whatever it is, we hope Bobby has something very special planned for #150. It’s not often managers get to celebrate a sesquicentennial sacking.