Obama Bobblehead Threat Thwarted By Customs

It’s always been clear to me that when the terrorists next attack us here, it will be with bobblehead dolls. U.S. Customs shares my concerns, and have quarantined several boxes of Barack Obama bobbleheads that were headed to a West Virginia Single-A baseball team for a Saturday promotion.

Obama bobblehead

The bobbleheads, which have been sitting in a U.S. Customs Border Protection warehouse since May 20, were to be given away as part of the West Virgina Power’s “fitness and healthy lifestyles day,” a title that is a rather jarring anomaly in itself, if I may say so. In West Virginia I’d expect something like a “corn dog and mullet day”.

Sorry! Where’s that famous sense of humor, West Virginia?

A U.S. Customs spokeswoman in Los Angeles said she didn’t have more information on why they were stalled. The bobbleheads are a likeness of Obama in his high school basketball uniform. … It’s unclear when the bobbleheads will be released, but it’s unlikely they’ll arrive in time for the giveaway, said Kristin Call, director of marketing for the Pittsburgh Pirates’ South Atlantic League affiliate.

So instead of an actual Obama bobblehead, fans on Saturday will receive a voucher, redeemable whenever the toys are released by Homeland Security. As STEADY BURN points out, this will give recipients time to register an account on eBay.

So to recap, a bobblehead likeness of our President, which was produced overseas, was confiscated by customs for unknown reasons and will be released who-knows-when, where they will likely end up on eBay. It’s the American way.