Bob Wickman’s Game-Worn Pants Up For Auction

Yes, this is real. (It comes with a letter of authenticity!) THREE IDIOTS ON SPORTS found a pair of pants once worn by former All-Star closer Bob Wickman on the eBays, which you can get today for the low, low starting bid of $29.99.

Bob Wickman's Pants - yep, they're real

(Not actual size. Like most AAA maps, 1 inch = 1 mile.)

The pantaloons were donned when Wicky was a Yankee closer back in 1993, so perhaps the pants are slightly smaller versus his beer-belly days with Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Atlanta. Slightly.

Bob Wickman - Yankee

Let’s see. That’s not as big as:

Bob Wickman - Indian

If those pants were auctioned off, bidders would be deterred for, if no other reason, the shipping fees alone.