Bob: T.O. Has ‘Diagnosable Personality Disorder’

Bob Costas appeared this week on Dan Le Batard’s “790 The Ticket” radio show and had this to say about Terrell Owens:

Bob Costas Terrell Owens T.O. Has A Personality Disorder

“I really think that Terrell has some sort of diagnosable personality disorder. I don’t know what it is, but it goes beyond garden variety narcissism.

“I’m not a psychologist but when you see someone who is often so completely insensitive to the feelings of others and can gratuitously take shots at others and yet when the slightest thing that touches his sensitivities comes up, he breaks down in tears and (says) ‘you don’t understand him.’

“That’s infantile.

(Owens acts like) ‘My feelings are paramount always. The slightest injury to me is a grave injustice. But I can hurl any kind of invective or nonsense at you and be totally insensitive to your feelings and that doesn’t matter.’

That’s how infants view the world.

You can hear the audio here.

I don’t dispute what Costas is saying. I’ve said the same thing right here about Chad Ocho Cinco for some time now. He truly is bordering on mental illness. Costas is also describing the personality of Barry Bonds and countless other high profile athletes and celebs.

It goes without saying that Costas is right on in his assessment, but what he fails to bring up is how the club’s enable the behavior. That’s the reason the problems exist in the first place, “illness” or not.

A great example was Owens’ coach Wade Phillips taking the blame for the receiver’s senseless celebration penalty in week one of the season. That’s the sort of thing that only elevates the problem with Owens and athletes like him.

So when do you think Costas is going to direct his criticism at Jerry Jones, Peter Magowan and the other shameless enablers not to mention Keith Olbermann?

Don’t hold your breath.