Bob Knight Conversing With German Automobiles

While watching last night’s riveting showdown in San Antonio, we spotted something during a commercial break that we can’t believe we really saw. But sure enough, there was Bobby Knight, sitting on some minimalist talk show set, buddying up with a Volkswagen Beetle.

Bobby Knight and Volkswagen

(Which one’s the air-polluting gas-guzzler, and which one’s the car?)

What the fahrvergnugen? (Video after the jump.)

As the ad goes, Knight strolls in, accompanied by a jazzy beat courtesy of the house band, and gives a friendly pat on the host’s headlight. The car compliments Knight on his many coaching victories & tournament appearances, while Bobby notes his host won the title for “best resale value in 2008″ in a delivery that would make Sir Laurence Olivier proud.

But the Beetle takes it too far, replying, “Vell, at least vone of us ist vinning a title zis year!” And with that, it’s Indiana-Purdue 1985 all over again, as Bobby sits up and tosses his chair across the room.

We’re actually more impressed with this chair toss than Knight’s previous throw in Bloomington. Back in ‘85, it was just some cheap plastic seat that went sailing across the Assembly Hall floor. But for the VW spot, it was definitely a heavier comfy chair. And considering Bobby’s 23 years older now, he got some really good distance.

Too bad the ad guys didn’t also throw in Knight grabbing some throat (or fender, we guess), or playing some audio of a tirade in the green room (definitely NSFW).

Anyway, however ludicrous the whole set-up was, the commercial can be proved a success - since we’re all here writing and reading about it.

On a side note, the German-accented auto reminded us of another Deutch dialogue deliverer - Klaus, the goldfish from “American Dad”:

Klaus the goldfish American Dad

We smell copyright infringement!