Bob Knight Leaves Game At Halftime But Not Before Arguing With Fans

KNIGHT LEAVES AT HALF, HEAVES INSULTS WITH STUDENTS: Coaching against Centenary makes Bobby Knight sick:

Bob Knight ill

FOX SPORTS reports that the General made a halftime retreat during Texas Tech’s game against the Louisiana school on Saturday.Assistant coach and son Pat Knight said that Dad was feeling under the weather, and decided to go back to the team hotel. Although he said Bobby was “in bad shape” during the game, Pat added that the illness was “nothing serious“, and Pop was now back in Lubbock recuperating.

Although it may have been his team’s play that was making Knight ill, as his Red Raiders went on to lose to the Gents, 70-66.

Bob Knight Centenary

But it wouldn’t be a grand Bobby Knight exit without some controversy. About two dozen Centenary students had gotten under the coach’s skin with various taunts. As he was leaving, Knight turned and briefly confronted the crowd, before being led away by his assistants.

And it’s not the first time college kids caused Knight to crack. During his Indiana days, taunts of “Who’s Your Daddy?” from Northwestern fans caused Bobby to erupt at the student section and confront then-Wildcats coach Kevin O’Neill after the game.

Must be a stressful time for Coach Knight. Maybe he can relax with a nice hunting trip.