Knight Bringing His Own March Madness To ESPN

Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY tosses Bobby Knight a chair, as the former Indiana & Texas Tech coach will soon pull up a seat as a college basketball analyst for ESPN.

Bob Knight ill

NCAA Division I’s all-time winningest coach will join the Worldwide Leader on March 12, offering his own March Madness to the network’s tournament coverage.

Such a union seems to make sense, since Bobby has such wide respect for the media - as evidenced in these soundbites:

• Talking to a sportswriter about differences in football & basketball: “Trying to help you young guys in this profession you’ve chosen - it’s one or two steps above prostitution.”

• Chatting with an Indianapolis TV reporter: “Let’s just start all this f***ing s*** again. Now, I’m not hear to argue the thing with you, I’m not going to f***ing debate things with you god-damned people from television. You know, you want a f***ing answer from me, you get the answer, you don’t like the f***ing answer, then don’t use the f***ing program, okay?”

• And speaking to the boys in Bristol themselves: “You f***ing people in the news media, all you f***ers dwell on some negative piece of bullsh*t like that. And I don’t know how Steve (Alford) feels about it, but it f***ing pisses me off. And you don’t have to bleep one single f***ing word of this.”

Better get your TiVos ready.