Bob Knight Hunting Video Posted Incident Shot By James Simpson

REALLY CRAPPY VIDEO OF BOB KNIGHT HUNTING INCIDENT: The WIZARD OF ODDS tips us to crappy video shot by the man allegedly grazed with bird shot by Bob Knight.

Bob Knight Hunting Video

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS posts the barely discernible footage, which harkens “Deliverance,” an Indiana two-a-day and Paris Hilton sex tape rolled into one - as Knight is roiled by Lubbock local James Simpson, who insists that Knight is hunting to close to his house.Simpson to the Dallas media outlet: “I’m not trying to make any money off this. I told the policemen if I knew how to put it on YouTube, I would if you don’t do anything about this.

Next up for Simpson: Filming Mark Mangino eating six tuna fish hoagies, Brady Quinn crashing a wedding, Jeff Reed at his favorite local watering hole and other oddities and curiosities.