Bob Knight Doesn’t Like Your F!@#ing Questions

There have always been people who love Bob Knight and people who hate Bob Knight. He’s just one of those polarizing figures that doesn’t leave much room for indifference in opinion. He’s either a fantastic basketball coach who has helped mold hundreds of boys into men, or a lunatic that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near somebody’s children.

Even so, I think it’s safe to say that ever since he’s left coaching and started working as an analyst on ESPN he’s become a lot more likable. When he’s not cussing out beat reporters, choking players, or throwing chairs he actually turns out to be a pretty funny guy who knows a hell of a lot about the game. It’s no surprise he’s won over 900 games in college basketball.

Which is probably why he was asked to cross the Atlantic and coach up a group of young basketball players in the Netherlands. Unfortunately for Knight, and fortunately for us, he never had a chance to train the Dutch media before answering a Q&A session. Then they had to go and ask him about that chair incident.

Here’s a video of the incident found by YOU BEEN BLINDED. Go ahead and skip to about the 2:30 mark, or watch the whole thing, I don’t care. Just know that if you’re at work you may want to turn the volume down because there’s some salty language in there.

Hell yes it f!@#ing upsets him to ask about that f!@#ing chair! What the f!@# did you people think asking that f!@#ing question would do? Make him want to throw a f!@#ing party in your honor? And who the f!@# are you to be asking such f!@#ing questions?

All you people do is grow f!@#ing tulips and wear wooden f!@#ing shoes! What the f!@# is up with that? Maybe if you f!@#ing people stopped smoking so much f!@#ing pot you might have to throw some f!@#ing chairs around yourselves!

Now where the f!@# is the f!@#ing Red Light District? Bobby f!@#ing Knight needs to make love!

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