Bob Griese And His 1975-Inspired Racial Sensitivity

UPDATE: Griese apologized about the comment just before the Minnesota-Ohio State ABC telecast wrapped. Still deserves a reprimand in my opinion.

Chris Mottram at has this exchange between Bob Griese and Chris Spielman today on the Minnesota-Ohio State ABC telecast:

Chris called it “subtle racism.” I’m more on the side of blatant. Griese should be reprimanded, or at the very least reminded that what he said was inappropriate.

Was Bob Griese’s comment racist?

View Results weighs in as well. As does the Twitterati.

And Wikipedia already has this:

On October 24, 2009, while providing color commentary for the University of Minnesota at Ohio State University football game, Griese caused a stir while making an off topic comment about NASCAR standings implying that Colombian driver Juan Pablo Montoya was not in the top 5 because he was “out having a taco.” At this time, any reprimands for Griese’s racially charged statement are unknown.

That was fast.