Bob Barker Auditions For ESPN SportsCenter

BOB BARKER COMES ON DOWN TO FIGHT FOR ESPN AIRTIME: Now that he’s faced his final Showcase Showdown, what’s Bob Barker to do? Well, JOSSIP has an inside tip that BB’s next TV conquest is ESPN’s SportsCenter:

Bob Barker Sportscenter

Some of the highlights from Barker’s “audition tape” for the Boys in Bristol:

Before anyone had heard of Michael Jordan, they were calling me ‘Air Barker’.”

I would fit in with the ESPN staff. I am inadequate.”

“…the enemy heard that I was coming out, and they surrendered. And that was the end of World War II.”

Adam Sandler’s a big star now…and nobody heard of him until I beat him up in ‘Happy Gilmore.”

Bob Barker in 'Happy Gilmore'

If Barker gets his shot at the 11 p.m. slot, hopefully he won’t forget to spay and neuter Stuart Scott & Chris Berman.