Boat Recovered & 1 Rescued, NFLers Still Missing

• The boat carrying missing NFLers Corey Smith & Marquis Cooper has been found, and one survivor was rescued. However, the two players and another passenger still haven’t been found.

Corey Smith Marquis Cooper

• Does Bill Belichick treat all his ex-assistants-turned-NFL-head-coaches the same way?

• Speaking of, Eric Mangini is making drastic changes with the Browns - such as moving the video room up one floor at a cost of $500,000.

• DC Comics’ lawyers come down faster than a speeding bullet on the NBA for marketing “Krypto-Nate” T-shirts without their permission.

• “Eye” see - Steve Ott tries to throttle the orbital socket of an opponent.

Digger Phelps is one mighty dancing machine.

• With the bad economy & talks of contraction coming up again, could the A’s be axed & the Marlins cast off?

• Not to be confused with Bengals fans, Kentucky law enforcement officials are forcing convicts to think pink.

• And the winner of today’s Arthur Rhodes caption contest is…

Arthur Rhodes Cincinnati Reds

BenMR, with this health tip: I always new wearing all of those gold chains would get to Rhodes some day.

Thanks for playing. We’ll stretch out another contest for you tomorrow.