Bo Terrorizes The Giants During White House Visit

There’s a pecking order in baseball. The Phillies won the World Series, so last month they got to meet Barack Obama. The Giants won…nothing. So they got to tour the White House when the President wasn’t around. The best the White House could scrape up was Bo Obama, and the Giants somehow managed to screw that up too.

Bo Obama

San Francisco’s radio announcer had his jacket torn up by the presidential pup, and their left fielder had to be admonished by staff for using one of the dog’s towels. All in all, I don’t think Bo will be welcome at AT&T Park any time soon.

It started when Giants broadcaster Dave Flemming, a dog owner, decided to introduce himself to the 8-month-old Portuguese Water Dog.

“And he’s real playful and friendly, he laid down, he wanted me to scratch his belly, so I petted him for a few minutes. But he’s a puppy, so then he wanted to nip at my hands, playing around. So he’s nipping around and whatnot, he’s got those sharp little puppy teeth, and he nipped my sportscoat, right at the cuff. And he just grabbed onto it and he wouldn’t let go; it was like his chewtoy.

“So I’m kind of pulling at it, I’m like, ‘Uhhh,’ looking around. Am I allowed to yell at the president’s dog? I don’t know. I didn’t exactly know what the protocol was here. Can I say bad dog, no?

“I was just kind of letting him do it for a minute. Then I started to hear a couple of the threads start to pull, [so] I looked down. I mean, it’s not like he ruined the thing, but he pulled the first seam off the cuff of the jacket. And at that point I said, C’mon Bo!”

The dog’s handler separated the two, but that wasn’t the end of the Giants encroaching on Bo’s turf.

“[A]s the group walked from the South Lawn to a receiving room, [outfielder Fred] Lewis grabbed a towel and wiped the perspiration from his forehead.

“Oh, no, no,” the tour guide exclaimed with Lewis in mid-dab. “Those are for the dog.”

The team burst out laughing, and the tour guide apologized for embarrassing Lewis.

“Naw, that’s the best part,” right-hander Matt Cain said. “Trust me, he does it all the time.”

Honestly, it’s a good thing the President wasn’t home when the Giants came by. With their Three Stooges routine, they probably would have poked him in the eyes and given him a concussion.