BLOOMBERG NEWS reports the L.A. Galaxy this s…

BLOOMBERG NEWS reports the L.A. Galaxy this season became "the first team in the eight-year history of (MLS) to avoid a (financial) loss." The team reported a season-ending profit of $150K.

Reaction from University of Oregon Warsaw Sports Marketing Center Managing Director Paul Swangard: "It’s a step in the right direction. They have moved away from being voted off the island."


The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports a Santa Monica, Calif., judge has "ordered a pal" of O.J. Simpson to "fork over Simpson’s press passes to the 1984 Olympics for possible sale to help satisfy the ($33.5 million civil) judgment (he owes)."

Simpson’s "pal" is Alfred Beardsley, a bumbling businessman from Burbank, Calif.

A nearly incoherent Beardsley appeared on KFI-AM’s John Ziegler Show in L.A. on Tuesday night (listen) and told Ziegler - in a generally nonsensical interview - that he doesn’t plan to give up the Olympic passes.

The Daily News reports that "Simpson also took his cruelest potshot to date at Fred Goldman, saying ‘he didn’t care about his son when he was alive’ and accusing the dad of trying to ‘make money’ off his son ‘in the grave.’"