Blog-A-Roni: Rivers May Be Dammed By Torn ACL

• That tears it: ROTOWORLD hears that the Bolts’ Philip Rivers may be struck down by an injured ACL.

Philip Rivers injured

• San Diego might not be the only team minus QB, as the NORFOLK VIRGINIAN-PILOT notes that the starting signal caller for Virginia isn’t enrolled in school.

• DC SPORTS BOG bounces along the steps on becoming a Wizards ballboy.

• Even though he’s already been given a contract extension, 100% INJURY RATE finds Bud Selig digging for gold:

Bud Selig picking nose

• HOME RUN DERBY is touched by fans at Fenway helping a disabled man sing the Star-Spangled Banner.

• But the Boston media isn’t as kind, as RUMORS AND RANTS takes a columnist to task for crapping on the Chargers.

• Staying in New England, BARSTOOL SPORTS is needled by this fan who tattoos Tom Brady’s helmet on his head.

Tom Brady helmet head tattoo

• A new website wants to get carded, as they celebrate the 1988 Topps collection.

• FLATUSYAHU gives a wedgie to the NFL’s dorkiest players.

• CONSTRUDA is amused at how Arkansas fans are squealing over a faked ESPN conversation between Bobby Petrino and a recruit’s dad:

Bobby Petrino Razorbacks

• THE HARDBALL TIMES goes just a bit outside, as they list their ten worst pitching seasons.

• RIVALFISH doesn’t horse around with their suggestions on what to do with Barbaro’s ashes.