Blog-O-Rama: Leinart Not Into Playing With Himself

• AZ SPORTS HUB keeps their hands off the joystick, as Matt Leinart reveals he doesn’t like to play with himself:

Matt Leinart

• WITH LEATHER is all smiles after viewing this ad for NBA toothbrushes.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING reviews the 21st century edition of American Gladiators.

• Good grief! HOME RUN DERBY finds a real life Charlie Brown on the mound:

Charlie Brown pitcher Snoopy

• AOL FANHOUSE discovers that not everyone was so thrilled to take part in Buffalo’s outdoor hockey game.

• 100% INJURY RATE plants the seeds of an Ohio State fan laying it all on the lawn.

• BASEBALL FEVER spots Robinson Cano trading his Yankee Stadium uniform for some thing in Shea, er, Che:

Robinson Cano Che Guevarra shirt

• The LONDON TIMES slows down at news of Switzerland starting up speed limits - on the slopes.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED gives a respectful shout-out to the Jackie Robinson of bouncing brew, the first black beer pong player.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS can’t believe someone wouldn’t vote for Tom Brady as NFL MVP:

Tom Brady Shirtless 2000 NFL Combine

• Speaking of Patriot honors, Greg Cote of the MIAMI HERALD argues that naming Bill Belichick NFL Coach of the Year is like giving Michael Vick a humanitarian award.

• VEGAS WATCH bets the Memphis Tigers can go undefeated.