Blog-O-Rama: Marisa Miller AOL Girl of the Year

• THE LOVE OF SPORTS congratulates Marisa Miller on being name the AOL Sports Girl of the Year:

Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photos SI

• STORMING THE FLOOR is impressed with Miami Hurricanes hoops coach Frank Haith.

• I’M WRITING SPORTS wants Bug Selig to bring back contraction.

• ON 205TH wonders if it’s really true love between Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson, or just a way to jump start a stalled career:

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo

• Speaking of the mushy stuff, AZ SPORTS HUB discovers an Arizona State player pulling an Ian Johnson - except he proposed a few days before the bowl game, and the Sun Devils lost.

• WITH LEATHER drinks in news of Tom Brady getting $3 million to peddle water.

• ARMCHAIR GM predicts this weekend’s NFL matchups - through the glory of Tecmo Bowl:

Tecmo Bowl titles

• BUGS & CRANKS wonders when did the Orlando Magic become the Triple-A club of the Phillies.

• BASKETBAWFUL reminds all you kids to study hard in school - unless you’re Larry Bird.

• MR. IRRELEVANT can can’t wait to get their hands on some official Redskins Wild Card merchandise:

Redskins Wild Card shirt

• PART MULE fears that Tiger Woods could become even more powerful in 2008.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT bounces an update from the World Series of Beer Pong.