Blog-O-Rama: Goose’s Foul Words Delayed Hall?

• HOME RUN DERBY ganders that Goose Gossage’s past foul words may have ruffled some feathers & kept him out of the Hall of Fame until now:

Goose Gossage signing

• Via SI’s EXTRA MUSTARD, BLUE MONKEY DISCO PARTY keeps quiet, as Bobby Knight’s grandson calls a press conference to explain Grandpa’s previous conference.

• WAGGLE ROOM is concerned that the Mercedes Benz golf championship may make like June Jones, and bid aloha to Hawaii.

• Thanks to some video trickery, WITH LEATHER finally gets an admission from Roger Clemens about his steroid use:

• Speaking of the Rocket, PART MULE kicks up the obligatory “Leave Roger Alone!” video spoof.

• The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES wonders if Jon Gruden really wants to build a winner, why would the Bucs hire Bill Callahan?

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS finds this Bowling Green Falcon getting flattened by a Golden Hurricane:

• THE ANGRY T studies the revelation that Ohio State’s football website doesn’t list their players’ majors.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE checks their wallet, as $350 will get you a game-used wristband from high school football recruit Terrelle Pryor.

• YAY! SPORTS NBA field the reports from Agent Zero’s big birthday bash:

Gilbert Arenas birthday party

• 100% INJURY RATE is taking their blogging act to FAN IQ.

• UNCOMMON SPORTSMAN gets out the stopwatch, as they ask if speed dating can be considered a sport.