Blog-O-Rama: Cheerleaders Coming To Olympics

• 100% INJURY RATE rah-rahs the news of cheerleaders in China for the 2008 Olympics:

Chinese Olympics Cheerleaders

• WITH LEATHER shows video of this soccer streaker stung by the team mascot.

• HOME RUN DERBY remembers when Harry Caray would root, root, root for the…White Sox?

• DEADSPIN gets a glorious look at the mug of new Nebraska coach Bo Pelini:

Bo Pelini drunk face

• YOU BEEN BLINDED runs down news of former NBA’er Jerome Williams playing Pimp My Ride - with a Buick Enclave.

• PART MULE finds Russell Crowe trying to be a Cinderella Man for rugby in America.

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT falls hook, line & sinker for Chuck Woolery, Bass Master:

Chuck Woolery fishing

• CONSTRUDA is walking tall with UNC Asheville’s 7-foot-6 phenom Kenny George.

• ALL BALLS takes a look at the sunny side of steroid use.

• Come on, it was just one bad game: SHOWBIZ SPY hears that Sophia Bush now denies dating Tony Romo:

Tony Romo Sophia Bush

• SIGNAL TO NOISE tunes out ESPN’s reruns of human-interest stories.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING broadcasts news that Tony Kornheiser will now be available via satellite radio.