Blogs Attack Ochocinco Over Black Girl Embargo?

Well-trafficked blogs (Young, Black & Fabulous),,,, and two prominent message boards are buzzing about emails allegedly authored by an anonymous contestant and nameless member of the crew producing Chad Ochocinco’s new reality dating show.

YBF slams Ochocinco About Dating Show

(Comparing black women to McDonald’s = Compliment?)

The premise of the emails, most notably posted on, accuse Ochocinco of virtually hand-picking the 17 women under consideration for the show. More specifically, the NFL wideout is accused in the emails of attempting to eliminate any black women from the show before the first episode airs.

With the story, via those sites, having reached millions of readers by now, Ochocinco responded to the claim on Twitter today.

In three Tweets, Ochocinco effectively denied the profiling accusation while also slamming

@theYBF you put up that dumb ass story but missed all the positive shit I got going on, whoever run YBF I got a story for you, You Suck!

@theYBF saying I don’t like black women is like saying I don’t like Mcdonalds or the game of football, that’s past far fetched!! #FAIL

@theYBF either yall hurting for news or yall just as dumb as the person who made up this story,GTFOH with that non-sense #childplease

As regular reader of many of the blogs reporting the story and posting the emails, including, two things came to mind.

1) Reality shows, like Ochocinco’s dating show, are so ridiculously contrived that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone affiliated with the show sent out the emails to try to scare up some buzz. Especially considering the influence the reporting blogs now have on reality show viewership.

2) One of the recurring themes of many of the sites reporting this story is the idea, as advanced mostly by commenters, that prominent black men have little interest in black women. Many times when there’s a fresh report of a black male celebrity dating a non-black female celeb, a significant number of comments from readers on those sites focus solely on the race of the woman rather than the overall congruency of the couple.

Those same commenters then often expound on the topic, lamenting the supposed unwillingness of well-heeled black men to date women of their race.

That’s not an opinion, that’s based on the overwhelming number of comments on the subject on the aforementioned blogs and message boards.

That doesn’t mean the overall majority of visitors to those sites are obsessed with the race of the women who are dating famous black men, but the sentiment is an undercurrent of many of the blogs reporting the anonymous email claims about Ochocinco.

Now take that context into account when examining this story and you understand the enthusiasm for which it’s reported. It’s also that background that causes me to think that the emails are manufactured baloney. Not saying any of the bloggers made the emails up, but that doesn’t mean I subscribe to their veracity.

This whole thing looks to me like Ochocinco was caught in the crossfire of perceived cultural trend. I say “perceived” because I’d like to think that black, white, green and purple men think that a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, regardless of her race.

Does that make me naive?