Blog-O-Rama: Jaworski Looks Like An Old Lesbian

• A new blog has shown its face, guaranteeing hours of entertainment: MEN WHO LOOK LIKE OLD LESBIANS.

First up - Ron Jaworski:

Ron Jaworski

• DEADSPIN gets a Woody, as a Toledo politician doesn’t want any Peckers in his precinct.

• The ANNISTON STAR checks their wallet, as some Alabama high school football coaches are making $100,000 a year.

• CBS SPORTSLINE presents their final showdown for College Cheerleader of the Week:

cheerleaders arkansas houston


Art Spangler of INSIDEBAYAREA.COM on efforts to build new stadiums in suburban Santa Clara & Dublin: “How about putting football teams in San Francisco and Oakland.”

• The LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL dribbles news that Shawn Kemp Jr. may be heading to Kentucky.

• The Chicago sports blog LUOL’S DONG needs help in finding the perfect look.

Luol's Dong logo

• MEDIA TAKE OUT dishes out news that the New York Giants may have their own Romo-Simpson situation developing, as singer Ashanti is heading to Green Bay to see her man Anthony Pierce play.

• AOL FANHOUSE gives a cheer that the girl booed by Colts fans last Sunday will be honored at this Sunday’s Pats game.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY spies this solitary striped supporter sobbing in the Superdome for some reason:

Crying LSU Tigers fan

• USA TODAY comes across this confused congressman talking about the 1919 “Blackhawks” scandal.

• WMTV in Madison reports a Wisconsin church is moving up its Sunday services so the congregation can watch & pray for a Packers win.